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Smart Pharma

Solid decisions supported by evidence.

Free yourself from complexity! We simplify your decision-making journey with quality data and technology.

Find the solution for your health analyses

Organization, transformation, and use of reliable data from the public and private markets. Boost your results with pre-defined dashboards, curated data, and a chat for quick queries, generating impactful insights.

Discover new perspectives

With our product, detail metrics longitudinally, visualize regionally, and track trends with just a few clicks.

Focus on analysis and decision-making

We replace operational steps to organize data, allowing the client to focus on what really matters: analysis and decision-making with reliable data.

Smarter analyses

Our solution structures data from both public sources and your internal data, validating them in the pipeline and presenting them through responsive and focused dashboards, ensuring more reliable and comprehensive analyses.

Visualize with Precision

Explore data at the lowest granularity, navigate from consolidated metrics to detailed longitudinal data at the hospital level.

Gain powerful insights

Maximize your opportunities with our Artificial Intelligence platform, gaining relevant insights from our data marketplace.

Centralize and Facilitate

Solve the problem of healthcare data analysis! Our product centralizes data from various sources, simplifies data acquisition and transformation for your analyses.

With Semantix, your AI projects evolve faster.

Proven Experience

With over 10 years of expertise in data manipulation and analysis, including numerous scientific publications in journals and conferences such as ASCO, ISPOR, and more.

Clinical History into Insights

Enhance your analyses! Through the structuring and transformation of clinical history into a data-driven strategy, we streamline the generation of crucial evidence for you.

Market in Focus

Uncover the market with ease! Our product empowers intricate analyses (disease burden, patient journey, market share) using both public and private data.


With a transparent methodology, structured business rules, and reliable data, we support your discussions with internal and external stakeholders.

Smart Pharma

Faster and relevant insights. Anywhere and whenever you want.

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