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Data Operations Center

Use Data Intelligence to secure and accelerate your technological solutions

Get rid of worries and focus on gaining deep insights into your company without technological complications or additional hires.

Discover the Artificial Intelligence that takes care of, predicts, and guides solutions.

The leading deep tech company in Latin America has a complete infrastructure and intelligence to protect your operations with large volumes of data.

Full Support for Big Data Environment

Perform patch management. Optimize the environment and validate the architecture to ensure a consistently secure, up-to-date environment following best practices.

Proactive Monitoring 8×5 or 24×7

Avoid surprises; use our technological intelligence to ensure quick responses to any incidents in your data ecosystem.

Health and Environment Availability Report

Semantix Intelligence displays continuously updated performance indicators and incidents, allowing you to identify critical areas and gain insights into your infrastructure well in advance. We offer proactive handling of 1st-level incidents and swift recovery of data ingestion processes and service restarts to minimize disruptions in the environment.

Proactive Incident Management

Accelerate the recovery of ingestion processes and service restarts. Minimize disruptions in the environment and ensure the continuity of operations efficiently.

Scale and Save Costs

Provide intelligence to processes in an automated, secure, efficient, and cost-effective manner. Do more while worrying less.

Agnostic Efficiency

Gather, process, scale, and protect data from any formats and sources.

You will have highly specialized teams at your disposal in leading market technologies: Cloudera, Elastic, AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Grafana, Power BI, and much more.

With Semantix, you’ll go even further with what AI can predict

Customized Dashboards

Count on us for the creation of dynamic dashboards for predictive analyses, trend identification, and business monetization.

Data Intelligence

Enhance data intelligence and the use of Big Data tools with a focus on best practices, observability, and capacity planning.

Accelerated Resources

Optimize time and accelerate resources that facilitate the data journey to build a solid foundation and achieve even greater performance in your AI-driven journey.

Automated Processes

Automate complex operations effortlessly to accelerate your operations.

And all of this with an architecture based on intelligence, performance, and protection.

Real-time Monitoring and Availability for AI

You can sleep soundly: Semantix’s proactive 24×7 monitoring ensures continuous availability of Big Data services in your data ecosystem. You will see any chances of unavailability long before they happen.

Solid Foundation for the AI Journey

Boost the performance of your Big Data environment management. The DOC provides optimized and compliant infrastructure for your team to develop intelligent models and applications.

Optimization and Architecture Validation for AI

Architecture validation ensures that your company is following the best practices in Big Data. And you know that this is crucial for the successful development of AI projects.

Advanced Data Visualization and Analysis for AI

With the support of the environment and expertise in technologies like Grafana, Power BI, and others, the DOC facilitates data visualization and advanced analysis to support your AI initiatives. This allows you to identify patterns, trends, and valuable insights to enhance AI models and strategies.

Operational and Strategic Efficiency

The DOC takes care of your technological infrastructure so that your team can focus on your strategy. This is how your operational efficiency and innovative solutions gain a powerful and secure boost.

Support for Complex AI Challenges

With our team of experts, it works like this: you bring complex infrastructure and data engineering challenges, and we provide specialized support. The result? You gain much more speed to accelerate your journeys.

Predictive Analysis and Business Opportunity Identification

If there’s something that Artificial Intelligence can do very well for you, it’s predicting risks and opportunities. And with high availability in your infrastructure, there will be plenty of insights to make decisions based on trends and solid information.

Data Operations Center

We ensure all the care with Artificial Intelligence for your data ecosystem, and you ensure that your businesses reaches its goals faster.

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