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Credit Score

Optimize your team's time and enhance the performance of your credit operation.

Elevate your company with accessible AI:
Reduce model development and deployment time by up to 5x.

Overcome complexity in creating reliable credit products

Accelerate credit product development with pre-built integrations and templates, ensuring accurate analysis and expediting modeling.

More Efficient Maintenance

With AI App Finance, achieve simplified integration of trusted data sources, pre-built connectors, and elimination of manual uploads.

Low-Code Data Ingestion

Access low-code data ingestion, automated rule creation, and a library for building a credit engine.

Access Exclusive Resources

Access our library of pre-built data preprocessing and variable book generation models.

Boost Your Analyses

Integrate your data into the analytical environment and apply statistical methodologies and mathematical functions, including financial mathematics, in a simplified manner, ensuring operational security.

Optimize Your Operations

Streamline your financial operations and ensure greater flexibility in creating credit journeys, from score calculation to value layer, using policy and pricing engines.

Prototyping Environment

Utilize a controlled environment to prototype the financial product and implement the model with complete security and confidentiality.

Deliver high-profit solutions using Artificial Intelligence that predicts performances.

With Semantix, you save time, create tailored products, and achieve maximum accuracy.


Empower and grant autonomy to business teams, simplifying the daily tasks of analytical and technical teams in implementing financial models.

Connected Templates

Benefit from an environment with business templates already connected to key data sources, ensuring a more streamlined journey.


Achieve greater model governance, enabling users who truly understand the business to have control and decision-making authority over them!

Credit Score

Maximize your financial outcomes with Semantix.
A leader in artificial intelligence solutions.

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