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Healthcare Solutions

With Semantix Health, your data turns into care

We integrate and harmonize all types of health data.

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For businesses

Take care of people’s health and your company’s bottom line. Data-driven solution for businesses, brokers, operators, and hospitals.

For benefits brokers

Time to save time with less operational work and more control over high users, global diagnosis of customer portfolio, automatic reports, and Big Data-guided management for benefits brokers.

Carriers and insurers

How about increasing beneficiary satisfaction while reducing claims? Rely on our health experts and predictive technologies.

Solutions for hospitals

Profit from more efficient operational, financial, and population health management processes. It’s time for your care to be data-driven.

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Why Semantix?

We are the first deep tech company in Latin America.
We have the only All-In-One platform in the market.

Bring your data. We take care of them from end to end. You analyze and reap the results.

Is it expensive?

Not at all. In addition to offering solutions that fit your budget, you can reduce operational costs and accelerate your business objectives, generating value through data.

What is included in the package of your products?

  • 24×7 or 8×5 support
  • Included cloud infrastructure
  • Professional services for your projects
  • Ingestion with 200 pre-built components ready to use
  • Pre-built Artificial Intelligence solutions for you to use