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Occupational Health

Artificial Intelligence for Reducing Health Plan Claims.

Gain clear insights and unified information on how to raise awareness of benefit usage and reduce financial impacts.

AI that cares, predicts, and assists your population

Are you trying to reduce the impacts of corporate health insurance claims but haven’t been successful? Renewing contracts with insurers leads to significant cost increases? Semantix Artificial Intelligence can assist your management.

Identifiable Patterns

Organize and identify patterns of occurrence for your medical certificates, employees, departments, and care units. Analyze everything in an indicative dashboard about absenteeism and those on leave.

Predictive Capability

With our data ingestion, engineering, and predictive capacity, you can see in advance the main comorbidities that can affect your population.

Automated Analysis

Stop manually consolidating files in Excel. Reduce operational time, human errors, and data inconsistency.

Increased engagement

Track the adherence of your occupational medicine and occupational health programs and processes. Use Artificial Intelligence to improve engagement.

Facilitated visualization

See everything that affects your costs in a comprehensive and detailed dashboard about key occupational health monitoring.

Automated reports

Put an end to manually running reports and presentations. With just one click, you can automate documentation and present with data accuracy.

With Semantix, you gain more power in harnessing what artificial intelligence can predict

The AI App Occupational Health helps you increase ROI in awareness campaigns, reduce costs from improper use of health plans, and provides better margins for contract renewals.

Intelligent standardization

Centralize your data ingestion, standardize and enhance your data, and create a unique health ID.

Information all in one place

Cross-reference all the information with your health plan usage data. See historical data, predictions, and alerts all in one place.

Healthier employees

Use data to promote user health so they stay healthier and, consequently, have less impact on their healthcare budget.

Monitored management

Generate monthly reports that indicate opportunities to improve healthcare plan management. Make data-driven decisions.

Occupational Health

Anticipated management, avoided claims: Use Semantix intelligence to enhance perception of healthcare plan usage without weighing on your budget.

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