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GenAI Hub

Your repository of pre-trained models and tools that facilitate the generative AI journey.

Leverage innovative AI technology for building intelligent apps and processes.

Address your AI needs for building intelligent apps and processes.

The Semantix GenAI Hub provides a repository of pre-trained models accompanied by tools that facilitate your journey.

Greater Control Over the Environment

Run your generative models worry-free. Perform techniques like fine-tuning while ensuring data privacy that remains within Semantix servers.

Generative Models Repository

Access numerous ready-to-use models to address your key AI challenges. Reduce your team’s time and effort, accelerating results.

Specialized Intelligence

Go beyond using public solutions like ChatGPT for testing and understanding the potential utilization for your business.

Advanced Solutions

Leverage the GenAI Hub and its advanced MLOps stack, which abstracts all complexity through NoCode and LowCode interfaces.

Technical Agility

Enhance your capabilities with Fine-tuning and deploy generative models on serverless technology.

Less Effort with Infrastructure

Utilize the advanced GPU architecture infrastructure for the deployment process of these models.

With Semantix, you have everything you need to develop AI-powered solutions

Simplify and streamline model management, apply best practices with technical support, and quickly solve complex tasks.

Comprehensive Library

Make the most of the GenAI Hub! Utilize the available library and APIs to manage multiple models in a unified manner.

Advanced Technical Support

Enhance data intelligence and the use of Big Data tools with a perspective of best practices, observability, and capacity planning.

Optimized Performance

Streamline code isolation and support your team! Eliminate complexities and make the process easier and more efficient.

Simplified Management

Simplify the management and use of generative models through standardization and automation of complex tasks.

GenAI Hub

Access a curated repository with the best available generative models.

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