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Data Analytics Hub

Make more efficient decisions with data enriched by Artificial Intelligence.

Elevate your business understanding to a new level with a comprehensive and integrated solution.

Uncover new insights to boost revenue and cut costs quickly, securely, and reliably.

The Data Analytics Hub provides a central data repository, coupled with tools that streamline the creation of visualizations, analyses, and future scenario simulations.

Complete end-to-end solution

Centralize your data in our data lake and create pipelines to automate exploration and visualization processes, without worrying about managing multiple tools.

Ready-to-use algorithms

Build Machine Learning models swiftly using pre-built algorithms that bring intelligence to your analyses, saving development time.

Open architecture for connections

Integrate data from different tools and areas of your business into our data lake and uncover insights for making more strategic decisions, reinforcing the importance of a data-driven culture within your team.

Public Data Marketplace

Enhance your analyses with an extensive selection of databases from various sectors. Pre-processed, up-to-date, and ready-to-use market data seamlessly integrated into your data lake.

The key to your business growth with data and AI

With Semantix, you go further in a simpler and more efficient way

Managed Lake House

Harness the benefits of data integration, pipelines, exploration, optimized visualization, data marketplace, and pre-built algorithms for immediate application all in one place!

Simple Usability

Access an intuitive low-code interface to visualize data and implement AI in business operations in a simplified manner.

Included Cloud Infrastructure

Experience the SaaS journey with AI processing capacity that simplifies the journey.

Begin your AI journey swiftly and without complications

Without worrying about the complexity of maintaining and sustaining technology or the need to acquire multiple tools.

Empower your team

With a comprehensive and integrated solution that simplifies the data journey and accelerates decision-making with AI-powered automated insights.

Boost operational efficiency in your business

Cut costs on multiple tools and automate processes to save time and eliminate errors

Data Analytics Hub

Experimente uma jornada data-driven com facilidades sem igual e abra espaço para despertar o poder da IA nos negócios.

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