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Integration Hub

The flexible platform for system integration and SaaS solutions.

Over 200 connectors to solve complex integrations between systems, workflows, data lakes, and other data sources. All for a comprehensive AI journey.

Say goodbye to data integration obstacles!

Connect data from multiple sources and centrally manage APIs and services.

Flexible Integration Journey

Easily create serverless workflows. Functional interface with high code and low code options for integration.

Simplicity in Data Ingestion

With Integration Hub, you can utilize pre-built connectors to ensure seamless data import and export from your data lake.

Simplifying API Management

Gain clarity in API and service management. Effortlessly modernize your architecture, providing optimal connections for your systems.

Simplify your operation by creating easy microservices. Let your team focus on essential strategies for your business layer. Explore Semantix AI Integration Hub.

With Semantix, your platform gains enhanced intelligence, operational ease, and security.

Enhanced Visibility

Achieve greater visibility and track real-time updates on your integrations.

Customizable Components

Build your own components using a library of pre-configured connectors and workflows.

Transparent Management

Don’t let any issues go unnoticed and enjoy integrated and transparent management.

Managed iPaaS

Get comprehensive support for building and deploying integrations between various clouds and on-premise environments.

Essential for your customer’s journey, crucial for your company’s growth.

Smart Tracing

We provide the functionality to set up workflow tracing, offering greater control and ease in monitoring integration processes.

Source-Documented APIs

Achieve better collaboration among your development teams through automatic generation of your API specifications.

Wide Range of Connectors

Over 200 connectors compatible with the leading systems in the market and AI platforms. Your ecosystem tailored to a wide array of solutions.

Intelligent Diagnostics

Empower your team with tailor-made solutions, AI-driven analyses, and more relevant and accurate insights.

High Scalability

Access tools that aid integration development without the need to manage a server, with simplicity, in a highly scalable environment.

Integration Hub

Streamline integrations and empower your business with Semantix AI Integration Hub. Intelligence ready for your journey.

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