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Solutions for Human Resources

Data intelligence for people and benefits management

Take care of people’s health and your company’s finances. Explore my solutions to reduce claims through data analysis

Visualize key information on an intuitive dashboard

Analyze using customizable filters which users, procedures, and hospital networks have the most impact on claims

Create tailored health campaigns

Segment chronic groups, analyze assessment histories, create customized health programs, and reduce absenteeism.

Offer the benefit that all employees want

Utilize data-driven management to provide beneficiaries with the best accredited network. Create a sense of value for the health plan to attract and retain talents.

Become a reference in benefits management


See what the ROI of your health program will be beforehand

Customize your efforts to convert the interest of beneficiaries in your campaigns, without wasting energy and resources

See everything you need in every detail

Most used hospital networks, procedures that burden the plan the most, inappropriate use of the emergency room, and much more. Identify everything you need in detail.

Understand the health journey in various scenarios

Analyze short, medium, and long-term predictions to prepare your benefits management according to different economic scenarios.

Reinforce the perception of value for users

Generate brand value among employees through incentives for self-care and health management.

Don't be surprised by the VCMH rates

VCMH has significant impacts on plan adjustments. Identify rates, analyze historical data, and achieve the best balance in benefit costs.

Gain negotiating leverage with the provider

Data-driven management provides real insights to ensure that the benefit doesn't exceed the contracted margin, which guarantees negotiating power for annual renewal

Time to accelerate your value journey with data

Achieve your full potential by generating savings and predicting risks through data

We transform data into care

Count on the intelligence and numbers from the #1 healthtech in Brazil in 2020 and 2021.


saved in healthcare costs

R$ 1,6mi

saved in the use of telemedicine

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Why Semantix?

We are the first deep tech company in Latin America.
We have the only All-In-One platform in the market.

Bring your data. We take care of them from end to end. You analyze and reap the results.

Is it expensive?

Not at all. In addition to offering solutions that fit your budget, you can reduce operational costs and accelerate your business objectives, generating value through data.

What is included in the package of your products?

  • 24×7 or 8×5 support
  • Included cloud infrastructure
  • Professional services for your projects
  • Ingestion with 200 pre-built components ready to use
  • Pre-built Artificial Intelligence solutions for you to use