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ML Hub

Simplify and standardize
Machine Learning models

Build scalable models without the need for advanced engineering knowledge.

Utilize ML Hub and benefit from an MLOps stack that streamlines your journey.

Harness the innovative solutions from Latin America’s top deep tech company to accelerate your Machine Learning models.

Reduced Failures

Address your team’s productivity gaps and significantly reduce the number of failures in ML development.

Feature Store

Utilize our feature management architecture to achieve the desired level of data reuse and governance.

Multidisciplinary Solution

Address the issues of multidisciplinarity in your team, including the shortage of data scientists and engineers.

Explore much more in model creation and simplify deployment.

With Semantix, you facilitate and go further in your Machine Learning journeys.

Integrated Deployment

Integrate features stored in the feature store with your models. Maintain a single source of truth in feature calculation.

Simplified Processes

Develop machine learning models, streamlining your data engineering and software engineering processes.


Have a fully managed and user-friendly Feature Store.

HTTP Rest Exposure

Expose your models via HTTP Rest and deliver solutions to teams with limited Machine Learning knowledge.

ML Hub

Amplify the value generation potential of your Machine Learning models with Semantix.

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