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Healthcare Economics

The most comprehensive plug-and-play SaaS platform for health plan management.

Stop struggling with manual reports and inconsistent information that leads to errors in analysis and calculations. Automate, enhance your visualization, and make informed decisions.

Artificial Intelligence that cares, monitors, and generates savings in health plans.

Check individual or group information. Filter data, perform automatic calculations, review histories, analyze predictions, and generate automated reports.

Population Health Report

Understand the utilization profile of your portfolio, identify the main causes of claims, and track the evolution of your policyholders’ health.

Forecasting and Risk Algorithm

Project future clinical scenarios based on your profile and history. Anticipate the main impacts and learn how to mitigate them beforehand.

Stratification Intelligence

Design action plans for care groups among your policyholders using our health profile stratification intelligence.

With Semantix, you visualize, cross-reference, and stratify different datasets by user or population.

Present all of this in automated and customized reports that are easy to understand.



Gain insights into user frequency at facilities, average hospital costs, interaction indices and costs, outpatient visits, and more.

Cost-Saving Opportunities

Analyze your key health plan users and generate insights on cost reduction through preventive exams and chronic condition classifications.

Hospital Medical Costs

Observe the impacts on material usage, medical service costs, and other influencers on claims.

Market Benchmarking

Compare costs generated in different hospital networks, hospitalization periods, frequency of visits, and more.

Integration and Standardization

Resolve your issues with data from different sources arriving without standardization. Unify information about health plan utilization.

Predictive Algorithms

Get ahead with key insights into claims projections, health profiles, and clinical risks affecting your portfolio.

User Friendly

Access all information through simple, detailed, and intuitive dashboards tailored to different user personas.

Impact Dashboard

Compare costs and financial impacts by region/branches. Analyze rankings, generate global reports.

Healthcare Economics

Greater decision accuracy, quicker decision-making.

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