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Hospital Control

The heart of healthcare management for hospital units under your control.

Eliminate manual operational work that generates errors in your management. Empower your healthcare professionals by organizing and automating the productive areas of clinics and hospitals.

Artificial Intelligence that cares, monitors, and streamlines actions.

The AI App Hospital Control is a real-time hospital unit management platform.

Centralized management

Have operational and clinical panels for all clinical and hospital units with real-time updates.

Command Center

Monitor the real-time operation of the main productive healthcare areas.

No manual errors

Resolve manual information management and eliminates information inconsistencies.

Insights for decision-making

Enhance your management by using indicators for insights and medical and operational decision-making based on data intelligence.

Predictive algorithm

Utilize our predictive algorithms for deterioration, sepsis, and other scenarios. Make critical decisions faster.

Operational intelligence

Reduce the time consumption of your healthcare team with manual and repetitive tasks. Automate with our intelligence.

With Semantix, you gain more power with what Artificial Intelligence can predict

Perform analyses by service types and time periods to continuously optimize performance.

Direct Integration

Perform fast and direct integrations in real time with leading ERPs in the market.

Daily Updates

Access summarized and easily interpretable data, understand the effectiveness of each area and professional, mitigate costs and risks, visualize all unit wings, and much more.

Operational Control

Stay in managerial control over bed turnover, outcomes, resources, care quality, and teams.

Sector Panels

View sector-specific panels that provide essential information about the ICU, hospital wards, surgical center, emergency department, and others.

Hospital Control

Your Solution for Turning Artificial Intelligence into Efficient Performance.

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