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Performing exceptionally in the highest quality standards

With the challenge of ensuring alignment with Anatel’s quality metrics, a major telecommunications operator in the country relied on Semantix solutions and achieved an excellent outcome.

Solution Semantix Telecom


covered cities in Brazil


of coverage in Brazil


millions subscribers


The client needed to build and implement projects with the purpose of making the necessary
adjustments to the PEV/EAQ portal, so that it accurately reflects the calculation method used by ABR/EAQ. The indicator values should closely align and apply other necessary corrections.

Let us explain:

EAQ stands for the equivalent of Quality Measurement Entity in Portuguese, and the Brasil Banda Larga website is an internet connection speed measuring tool created under Anatel's recommendation.

Through this entity, customers of telecommunications companies in Brazil can assess the quality of their connection using a reliable speedometer.

SCM4 and SCM9 are measurement requirements governed by the National Telecommunications Agency.


Within the previous context, the client aimed to align the calculation of SCM4 indicators with SCM9 according to the methodology used by EAQ.

Consequently, presenting the results based on the measurement system version.

In a subsequent phase, the client requested the creation of a portal called IQR (Network Quality Indicator) to monitor the progress of indicator monitoring and utilize the information to trigger corrective actions and decision-making.

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Business understanding and data mapping for the project were conducted.


Validation of the target entities for the data loads.


The modeling and creation of the EAQ Mart structure were built, along with the execution and mapping of data pipelines.


Customized data presentation layouts were developed.


The IQR (Network Quality Indicator) Portal was made available to the client for monitoring metrics.


Calculations performed post-actions, 100% compliant with EAQ standards.

Achieve the highest level of quality with the intelligence of data.

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The delivery exceeded expectations

as usual
  • Data masking and data obfuscation project for LGPD compliance
  • Renewals of Cloudera platform licensing
  • Inclusion of Semantix platforms in the operator’s Marketplace
  • Implementation of the MLOps pipeline
  • Semantix Professional Services on Cloudera and Elastic platforms

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