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Monitoring financial risks in real-time with

90% Accuracy for making decisions

Not bad, right?

That was the solution developed by Semantix for the financial sector: a modeling methodology for low-default portfolios, all within a single platform, so that your operation can now see what could have been identified too late.

Semantix Finance


accuracy for risk analysis


speed for creating risk models

This is how financial risks are analyzed

It’s necessary to convene a complex credit committee for decision-making. And to make things a bit more challenging, it can be quite expensive.

And, as if all this work wasn’t enough, there’s still the risk that the committees might not hit the mark on how much they need.

So why not automate?

Well, that’s exactly what Semantix did by creating exclusive modeling to ensure real-time decision-making with 90% accuracy for risk analysis.

It’s a highly complex solution that Semantix has made easy and quick for you to use. And take our word for it, both you and your clients come out on top.

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Have a powerful platform at your fingertips

Quantitative analyses

Customize your modeling for portfolios of any complexity, such as low-default risk portfolios.

Simplify your routine of analyses

Have in your hand a comprehensive analysis tool and empower your team to develop insights as needed.

Swift decisions

Fetch data from various sources, such as major bureaus and alternative sources, and automate your decision-making process.

Definite savings

Save hundreds of thousands of dollars and weeks of waiting to make real-time decisions.

Real-time management

Evaluate risk and price your operations with the most current counterparty and market condition information.

Connect Any Financial Agent

Make decisions and perform transactional activities such as credit registration, asset exchange, and reporting to stakeholders.

Don't wait for the risk to arrive

And even if you prefer to develop your own credit models, here’s a piece of advice for those in the advisory business: it’s better to rely on an already integrated end-to-end platform.

At the very least, you’ll ensure 50% more speed in reaching the solution your clients need.

And solution, I know, is your motto. And it’s ours too.

Raise your clients’ confidence level in you to 90%.

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Why Semantix?

We are the first deep tech company in Latin America.
We have the only All-In-One platform in the market.

Bring your data. We take care of them from end to end. You analyze and reap the results.

Is it expensive?

Not at all. In addition to offering solutions that fit your budget, you can reduce operational costs and accelerate your business objectives, generating value through data.

What is included in the package of your products?

  • 24×7 or 8×5 support
  • Included cloud infrastructure
  • Professional services for your projects
  • Ingestion with 200 pre-built components ready to use
  • Pre-built Artificial Intelligence solutions for you to use