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Grow your retail sales with data Intelligence

Discover our products and solutions for the retail market. We help you achieve the best sales performance management of your entire data ecosystem.

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Data intelligence in your business

Grow your sales using data inteligence

Centralize your business data, automate your processes, use market intelligence based on data and generate insights in analytical dashboards.

Instant data ingestion from any source

Our solutions allow rapid data ingestion from any source, from legacy systems, web services and databases to modern APIs.

Business process automation

Integrate APIs, databases, files, web services and everything you need to automate processes and achieve greater efficiency.

Centralized data in one place

Centralize your entire business data journey in one place, using a Data Lake as the single source of truth.

Insights that accelerate sales

Create agile dashboards across all your omnichannel communications, accelerate your data-driven journey and gain agility in accessing information.

SDP Retail

Implement Big Data and Artificial Intelligence for retail

Boost your artificial intelligence capabilities to generate valuable data-based insights for your business.

Grow your business with data intelligence

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Sell ​​more with data usage

Enable data intelligence and accelerate your business growth

Artificial Intelligence for B2B and B2C omnichannel online sales, with expertise in Cloud, API and Big Data infrastructures.

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Much more than business intelligence and analytics, we create a platform for queries and analysis of your company's key performance indicators.

Facilitate rapid, easy access to essential business information.

Data Insights

An optimized platform for data-driven decision making.

Create agile dashboards across all your service channels in an omnichannel format for precise, predictive analytics for your business.

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What our customers say

Here’s what customers who have already experienced the benefits of Semantix DP Retail Intelligence say about their experiences.

"With the APIs and Integrations management platform, we delivered a project in just three months – a project that would normally have taken six to eight months. The platform allowed us to securely scale the construction of an agile and complex architecture of APIs, in a simple and easy process that allowed us to connect the entire data ecosystem with our platform."

Clayton Freire
CTO - Wine

Com a LinkApi, a Vindi passou a ter 100% de retenção com clientes integrados pela plataforma, ou seja, temos zero de churn. Conseguimos oferecer aos clientes finais um software de faturamento recorrente poderoso com maior gestão sobre cobranças, controle de inadimplências, notificações, automação nas emissões de notas, boletos e faturas.

Junia Lino
Head de professional services - Vindi