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Optimize healthcare operational processes with Big Data and increase efficiency

Meet the Big Data platform helping hospitals, clinics and labs become more profitable using more efficient, data-driven operational, financial and public health management processes.

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Leading brands trust our solutions

Make health systems more productive and efficient at scale

An intelligent end-to-end, integrated, cross-cloud platform that accelerates data-driven journeys in healthcare.
Transforms data into care.

Data Integration

of all health providers and programs

Data Management

best-in-class automated data cleansing and normalization

Keep clinical and financial data in one place

and make your health outcomes and costs more transparent

Easy to use, automated dashboards and reports

Plug & play interface avoids the need for expert data clearance

Compatible with

Our systems focus on privacy by default. Don't worry about laws and compliance (we're safe and sound)

Data intelligence in the healthcare sector

Optimize operational process efficiency using Big Data

SDP Health offers Big Data solutions that make hospitals, clinics and laboratories more efficient and profitable.

Optimize Financial Results

Automatic reconciliation and unified management of payment status get tracked to invoice totals from clinics, laboratories and hospitals.

Generate data-derived insights

Our receivables management service generates data to manage operations efficiently while identifying problems and facilitating corrective action.


Our experts identify and diagnose problems for healthcare clients,  propose solutions and issue advice based on their current processes.

Improve operational efficiency with data

Automated processes and data-driven intelligence in hospitals, clinics and laboratories means more efficient healthcare management.

Data Solutions for Healthcare

Efficient operational, financial and public health management

Generate greater healthcare data transparency and be more efficient using data-driven intelligence.


Developing data-centric products to accelerate digital transformation and boost business performance


People First. Autonomy. Collaboration. Innovation. Agility. Simplicity.


Impacting billions of lives through the effective use of data.


To set the industry standard by leading companies and people towards data-driven business models.

Rebuild your data journey

Centrally located

- Automated infrastructure
- Data integration
- Data engineering
- Data visualization
- Lifecycle data

Simple and Agile

- Intuitive Interface
- Scalable through APIs
- Plug and play algorithms
- Multi-cloud
- Cost-effective

Ready for business

- Cloud agnostic (AWS, Azure, Google)
- Data governance
- Scalable and secure
- 24/7 premium support

Complete your digital transformation

Multi-cloud Data Platform with a modular foundation

Customers of any size can explore using Big Data, predictive analytics and AI. Compliant with GDPR/LGPD(1).

Data Lake                                  

Storage & Processing

Data engineering and data science

Models and data visualization

Data integration and sharing


AI algorithms market

Data Marketplace

Third-party data can provide deeper insights

SaaS e API                                 

Data integration

Perform over 300 different healthcare data integrations

Our largest health plan clients
Major Healthcare ERPs & Occupational Health Clients
Public Bases

Problems we solve


Centralized data infrastructure enables faster, simpler deployment.


Reduce data infrastructure management costs.


Platform agnostic, with more flexibility, portability and free of lock-ins.


Superior data management and governance of projects across the enterprise.

Time and value

Ready-to-use Big Data environments accelerate value creation.

Optimize healthcare process efficiency with Big Data

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What our clients say

Here’s what customers who have already experienced the benefits of Semantix solutions say about their experiences

"Semantix enabled a smooth transition from System Integration to Data Integration, accelerating our healthcare group's digital transformation by five years"

Herbert Cepera
COO - Hospital Care Group