Solutions for Open Finance

APIs for Open Finance: A complete solution for fintech and financial institutions.

API management with agile architectures, governance, control and security for Open Finance implementation.

Complete API Solution for Open Finance

Implement your business strategy using APIs with governance, security, and easy use by partners and developers.
Simplify your API management

Manage your APIs easily and create the best experience for financial products.

Offer a developer portal

Provide an easy-to-use portal for third-party developers to access your APIs and use your services.

API access management

Control access and view instantly updated logs of your APIs for total control over your architecture.

Security and Compliance

Protect your APIs and implement the best security practices appropriate for regional regulations.

Dashboards and analytics

Get a complete analysis of your APIs' consumption, performance, and security in a single view.

Open your APIs to partners and financial institutions

Control governance and open your APIs for partners who may develop new solutions with your products or services. Allow other software and companies to access your product and control that access in real time.

Offer new financial products with agile and secure APIs through a developer portal

Create new business opportunities by making your data instantly accessible and secure using APIs. Offer customers and partners new features and products in a fully customized developer portal with complete API documentation, to promote new business development.

Enable new business with partners through APIs

Connect with partners and offer financial services data when they need it.

Enable data integrations through APIs

Make your APIs accessible and connect with partners that can employ your services while respecting your business rules and increasing the reach of your solutions to new customers.

Digital transformation of financial services

Offer a fully secure digital experience to send and sign documents and contract financial data products and services over the web. Fast, secure transactions can add value to your business. Promote your company’s digital transformation and increase your opportunities.

Offer an API marketplace

Make your APIs available through a developer portal that can be fully customized and easily managed. Provide access documentation for your APIs in a simplified way and make life easier for developers from partner companies.

Monetize your APIs

Generate revenue from your data consumption. The more open your company is, the more revenue it can generate. By publishing and managing your APIs, you control data consumption rates and can generate attractive monetization models for customers and partners.

Banking as a service

Offer financial products at different locations and stages of your customer’s buying journey through an on-demand digital experience. Ensure financial services data execution over the internet and build customer loyalty.

Open Platform

Open your business and generate revenue from data consumption and new digital financial product offerings. Turn your company into an open innovation platform and grow exponentially.

Increase your sales and revolutionize your data flow.