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“People first” is a core company value reflected in the stories of our team members in our transformative environment.

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Our Core Principles

Diversity & Inclusion

Quality of Life


Educational Access


Core Principles

Our social improvement initiatives

SOCIAL, which fights hunger in Brazil, was our first initiative using the online Vakinha platform to support G10Favelas and UEEBP with food basket donations. We also held a winter clothes campaign to help clothe the unhoused.

As a SOCIAL action, 16 trainees recruited and hired by Semantix played vital roles. Their experiences are shared here.

We also make it possible to book a free mental health consultation through the Semantix health plan, shown in this step-by-step video.


The Semantix Institute

“People first” is a core company value, reflected in the Semantix Institute’s approach and team members' experiences in our transformative environment.

Our principles are based on the UN’s
Sustainable Development Goals 2030:

Letícia Scheelerg

Marketing Team Trainee

Working at Semantix is a privilege, and I’m to have such a positive first professional experience.  As part of the marketing team, I always feel driven to do my best and exceed expectations. I've learned a lot, and I welcome any chance to help our team while doing things I love to do. My experience at Semantix has helped me feel much more prepared and capable professionally. It's an honor to be part of this team!

David Rodrigues

Operations Treinee

Working at Semantix has been an amazing experience; it’s an incredible first job, and from the first day I arrived at Semantix, I felt very comfortable and welcome. My team is supportive and values my contributions. When I think about it, there was no better place to begin my career. Everyone in the company is willing to help and teach new arrivals.

Rafaella Vasconcellos

Trainee in APIs and Data Integrations Development

I began training in Systems Analysis and Development. In my three months on the job, I had unique opportunities through company training and professional development events and got to collaborate with and learn from an amazing team full of smart, helpful colleagues who taught me carefully and improved my technical knowledge. Semantix offers a unique culture that emphasizes personal and professional development. It has been an incredible experience participating in this program and making such rapid strides in my professional knowledge.

Semantix Academy

The Semantix Academy offers courses and training focused on Big Data.

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