SDP Data Integration

Simplify your integrations and automate your processes with an Integration Platform

Solve complex integrations with a few clicks and connect any system or data source with agility and scalability to grow your business

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Plataforma de Integração - iPaaS - Semantix Data Integration

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SDP Data Integration

Modern and robust integration platform for large operations

des being extremely flexible and scalable, the Semantix integration platform allows you to customize your projects according to your needs, monitor flows in real time and correct failures quickly.

Integrate everything you need

With a modern architecture, it is possible to build integrations quickly and agilely between systems, databases and any type of source.

Plataforma de Integração

Monitor integrations in real-time

Have a monitoring of the integration flows, be notified when failures occur, identify the error and correct the faults quickly.

Have flexibility and scalability

Build integrations with high-code resources, fully adapted and customized according to your business needs.

Centralised Integration Management

Get a centralised management and monitor everything in a single view that will help you and your team gain more efficiency.

SDP Data Integration

Automate your Company's Processes with an Integration Platform

Connect whatever you need according to the needs of your business, from the most complex integrations to the simplest, gain performance and scale with a modern, flexible and totally dev-friendly platform.

Simplify your integrations and automate your business

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SDP Data Integration

Simplify Integration Management

Customise projects according to your needs, monitor integration flows in real time and correct failures quickly.

Low-code: Accelerate the development of your integrations

Develop integrations with little or no lines of code with our platform's low-code features. A simple interface is used for low technical complexity integrations.

High-code: Flexibility and scalability for complex integrations

Get flexibility and scalability with our high-code solution. Develop integrations from any IDE and use our SDK methods to save time on complex tasks such as data transformation, error logs, parallelism and much more.

Over 200 ready-made components

Accelerate building your integration with out-of-the-box components. There are more than 200 different software products in our market, including CRMs, e-commerce platforms, ERP systems and many more. Plus, we offer you the flexibility to create your own components anytime.

Triggers: Enable integrations through smart events

Using triggers, you can configure the execution of your data integration using our scheduling, pub-sub events, webhooks and much more.

Monitor your integrations in real time

Get detailed logs of each integration performed and monitor every action in them, including traffic data, status, performance and much more. Also, create smart alerts for each type of integration you run.

What our clients are saying

Check out some testimonials from customers who have already experienced the benefits of the Semantix Data Platform.

We have achieved incredible results in a short space of time. We reduced our internal lead time by 65% for working days and 70% for calendar days. A huge gain in productivity that directly impacts the final customer. In addition, we were able to automate financial reconciliation processes, saving over 700 hours of work per month.

David Bruno Afonso
Technology and Innovation Manager

Vindi now has 100% retention with clients integrated by the platform, that is, we have zero churn. We were able to offer end clients a powerful recurring billing software with greater management of collections, control of defaults, notifications, automation in the issuance of notes, slips and invoices.

Junia Lino
Head de Professional Services