SDP API Management

Make your APIs available instantly and securely

With our API Management platform, you can make your APIs scalable, secure and instantly available, allowing your business full connectivity with other digital solutions.

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SDP API Management

Why use SDP API Management?

Create an API Management layer and enable other digital solutions to connect to your business and data securely and safely.

Enable open innovation

Create a cutting-edge portal for developers and partner companies to securely access your data for consumption while retaining full control over the use of your data.

Offer great digital experiences

Improve collaborators' and customers’ experiences with your data through value-added digital offerings and boost your business growth by interacting with other digital solutions.

Connect with partners

Enable other companies to connect to your business, creating their own partner ecosystems, increasing your business potential and creating new revenue streams.

Customize your API marketplace

Develop your own API marketplace and create seamless experiences for developers and partners who want to use your APIs. Our API Management solution makes this quick and intuitive.

SDP API Management

API Management made
simple and easy

Enable open innovation and new digital offerings for your business with a simple, easy-to-use API management platform.

Simplify your API Management and revolutionize your business!

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SDP API Management

Enable open innovation with performance APIs

Implement more performance and scalability
in building and deploying your APIs.

Create and configure API Gateways

Create powerful API gateways with modern architecture and centralize all external requests for your APIs. Plugins may be installed to help orchestrate your APIs.

Configure APIs with ready-made plugins

Manage and install out-of-the-box plugins for improved performance, security and monetization from your APIs. Our API Management solution makes this faster and easier than any competitor.

Control access to your APIs

Create policies and access rules in your APIs. With our API Management solution, you define who can access certain features simply and quickly.

Complete analytics of your APIs

With our API Management platform, you get analysis of consumption, performance, security and much more. Take full control of your APIs.

Developer Portal: Your API Marketplace

Develop your own API marketplace and create unparalleled experiences for developers who want to consume your APIs. Do it all quickly and simply with our API Management solution.

What our clients say

Check out some testimonials from customers who have experienced the benefits of SDP API Management.

"With the APIs and Integrations management platform, we delivered in just three months a project that would have taken around six to eight months. The platform allowed us to scale building an agile and complex architecture of APIs in a secure and modern way, with simple and easy management that allowed us to connect the entire ecosystem with our platform."

Clayton Freire
CTO - Wine

Vindi now has 100% retention with clients integrated by the platform, that is, we have zero churn. We were able to offer end clients a powerful recurring billing software with greater management of collections, control of defaults, notifications, automation in the issuance of notes, slips and invoices.

Junia Lino
Head de Professional Services