The Semantix Prospector Ecosystem: refer leads and generate new lines of revenue

Our Prospector Partnership Ecosystem model allows companies to generate revenue by prospecting, qualifying and referring leads.

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Ecosystem Prospector

Prospect, qualify and refer

In the Semantix Prospector Ecosystem model, partners supply referrals and initiate the prospecting and qualifying process, ultimately referring new leads to our sales team.

Our team is responsible for all negotiations and final agreements.

Partners earn commissions linked to signed contracts from their referrals.

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Prospector Partner benefits

Publicize our solutions and generate new lines of revenue.

Semantix Technology

Get access to all Semantix technologies, documentation methods and training to help understand customers' Big Data landscapes, algorithms and data integrations.

Active Support

Creation of an internal account for customized service to help partners create and maintain their knowledge of Big Data applications, algorithms and integrations.


The strength of our leading global data technology brand helps partners gain visibility and develop joint marketing strategies to bolster your products and services.

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