Case Study
Semantix helped Wine create and make their API available in record time using SDP API Management.
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Over 12 years, Wine has built a brand based on technology and innovation, establishing itself as a global leader among online wine clubs and breaking down barriers in the beverage market. It needed an agile, secure and scalable technology architecture that supported the integration of new applications with the platform and dozens of other systems. The Semantix API management platform offered APIs and data integrations that transformed its data environment.
The challenge
When Wine decided planned to release an application to connect users to its platform to improve their customer experience and strengthen customer retention, CTO Clayton Freire had to build one from scratch. Wine required an application that would support a scalable, high-performance API architecture to allow the consumption of data from a broad range of sources, including inventory, suppliers, sales, individual stores and customer orders. When he began, he realized a robust architecture of secure, standardized, scalable and monitored APIs was needed for efficient data flow management. It also required full connectivity through the entire ecosystem. Time was short, adding to the challenge.

How did SDP API Management make a difference?

The SDP API Management platform made it possible to create and reuse components from all data sources, like data whitespace, web services, REST applications and others.

The platform includes tools that let the Wine team authenticate APIs and SDKs, facilitating the project’s rapid completion.

Semantix solutions made the critical difference by increasing the team’s productivity and shortening the time to complete and implement a key strategic project. Wine made data-driven progress in its fundamental mission: connecting people through their passion for wine!

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SDP benefits

Create an end-to-end sales experience and make your daily operations more agile and less bureaucratic. Optimize and reduce financial and operational costs.

Log monitoring

Control of all API accesses.

More security

We have PCI Compliance certification, which offers more security for financial transactions.

Ease of creating and managing API flows

Increased productivity in constructing, sharing and maintaining APIs.

Agility helps create new APIs

Semantix helps provide visibility and control through dashboards and log monitoring.

Create your API Marketplace

Develop your API marketplace and create amazing experiences for developers and partners using your APIs. Our API management features make this quick and easy.

Higher productivity

Create an API management layer and enable other digital solutions to connect to your business and use your data securely within your specified parameters.

Flexibility and agility in architecture development

Build customized architectures to meet specific customer demands.

Data integration failure notifications

Quickly identify and fix failures in your data integrations.

Simplify your API management and revolutionize your business!