Case Study
Semantix helped Vindi automate customer payments through its SDP API management platform
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Vindi provides clients financial intelligence through fully customized projects with the Semantix SDP API management platform. Integration Experience teams leverage clients’ data integration projects. The SDP API management platform allowed Vindi to integrate client business processes and recurring payments. Churn has dropped to zero, and Vindi has emerged as a payment market leader.
The challenge
One of Vindi's main challenges was building and managing client data integrations and automations with its Value-Added Networks (VANs), which send remittances and return files to banks. The company also needed to manage all data monitoring and conversion from its platform and other platforms with an API, database, FTP or Webservice. Each time a client required data automation, the project would become more complex because of the variety of platform connections.

How Semantix helped Vindi with API management and data integrations

Vindi uses Semantix for API connections that automate processes like issuing invoices (with ERP Protheus), connecting with VANs, updating and lowering payments and canceling order tickets, connecting to e-commerce systems such as Tray and Oracle, and performing data integrations with CRMs, mainly Salesforce. Vindi can now make its APIs accessible for customer integrations, enabling automations and communications between customers’ systems, all on the Vindi platform.

The SDP API management platform offers flexibility and agility for data integration with the most diverse ERPs and systems with different data sources. This eliminates manual processes, reducing errors and delays.

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SDP benefits

Create an end-to-end sales experience and make your daily operations more agile and less bureaucratic. Optimize and reduce financial and operational costs.

Log monitoring

Control of all API accesses.

More security

We have PCI Compliance certification, which offers more security for financial transactions.

Ease of creating and managing API flows

Increased productivity in constructing, sharing and maintaining APIs.

Agility helps create new APIs

Semantix helps provide visibility and control through dashboards and log monitoring.

Create your API Marketplace

Develop your API marketplace and create amazing experiences for developers and partners using your APIs. Our API management features make this quick and easy.

Higher productivity

Create an API management layer and enable other digital solutions to connect to your business and use your data securely within your specified parameters.

Flexibility and agility in architecture development

Build customized architectures to meet specific customer demands.

Data integration failure notifications

Quickly identify and fix failures in your data integrations.

Simplify your API management and revolutionize your business!