Thiago Lima

Thiago Lima

CTO Semantix

Thiago Lima é CTO da Semantix. Programador desde os 12 anos e empreendedor desde os 17, é referência em APIs, integrações, inteligência artificial, carreiras para desenvolvedores e empreendedorismo.


Thiago Lima

Thiago Lima, 31 years old, enthusiastic entrepreneur of innovation, with degree in technology and philosophy. Started in software development at 12, since then, has founded and lead 3 successful tech companies.

In his most recent startup, LinkApi founded in 2017, he achieved the market leadership in Latin America as Integration Platform as a Service (+200 customers in around 15 countries), the company was acquired (Dec/20) for over 100M by Semantix - A technology company focused on Big Data and Artificial Intelligence.

After the acquisition, Thiago became Semantix's CTO in order to help the company to launch its IPO on Nasdaq and to achieve ​global leadership as Unified Data Platform (Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, and Analytics).

The IPO was announced on Nov/2021 with a U$1bi market cap.

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