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Train for data jobs by taking free courses offered by Semantix.

Semantix Academy

Work in Big Data

We want to provide quality training to as many people as possible, but places are limited. Currently, you may register for only one technical training course at a time. Extra reservations by the same person will be automatically canceled.

+200 hours of Training

Participants have had more than 200 hours of training.

+300 people trained

More than 300 people outside Semantix trained for free.

+4000 certificates issued

We have issued over 4,000 certifications in data-related specialties.

Recommendation rating 4.8/5

Over 2,500 satisfied respondents add up to a rating of 4.8 out of a possible 5.

Semantix Academy

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We want to train as many people as possible, and places are limited. You can only register for one technical training course at a time.

Big Data Engineer - Focus on Women

From 05/09 to 11/28

Registration from 08/08 to 08/29

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Big Data Science - Focus on Women

from 05/09 to 05/12

Registration from 08/08 to 29/08

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Big Data Business

From 09/05 to 09/09

Registration from 08/08 to 08/29

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People First

Sharing our knowledge

A core Semantix value is putting people first.

Semantix Academy opened its courses to the broader community to develop and empower people wanting to enter the technology sector, focusing on Big Data and Artificial Intelligence.

Semantix Academy

Semantix Institute

We offer several courses and technological training programs focused on Big Data.

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