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We transform billions of lives through data.

With solutions in Big Data, AI, IoT, Quantum Computing, Integrations, and APIs, our goal is to transform companies into a data-driven model, generating more value, intelligence, and efficiency, impacting billions of lives with data.

High Technology Solutions

Big Data, I.A., IoT, Analytics

Founded in Brazil in 2010, and now present throughout the Americas, Semantix develops Data Driven solutions for organizations that need to stay one step ahead using the most current technology available.

We are a reference in Big Data, Analytics, and Artificial Intelligence, developing innovative and disruptive solutions, as well as Big Data All-in-One platforms. We enable the implementation of complete environments in minutes, from a Multicloud infrastructure to advanced Business Performance and Data Governance solutions for all business areas.


Clients around the world

Many brands in 15 countries rely on our data-driven solutions!



A team of excellent professionals creating an excellent company!


valuation target in our IPO

New acquisitions and IPO opening on NASDAQ position Semantix as a leader in Latin America.

We are the best of breed, we are all about data

The biggest reference in data products across different markets is STIX. If it’s about data, it’s Semantix. 💎


Leader in data integration of all types in Latin America.

Zetta Health Analytics

Leader in healthcare data analysis in the supplemental healthcare market.


Scalable infrastructure platform for machine learning.

Impacting billions of lives with high technology

Our products and services are transforming the routine of companies by optimizing processes, increasing profitability, and providing high-level insights for more accurate and data-driven decision-making.


Developing data-centric products to accelerate digital transformation and drive business performance


Think Big; Focus on What Generates Value for the Customer; Pursue Innovation; Be a Person of Action; Collaborate and Act as Part of a Team; Accept and Value Diversity; Be Transparent; Always Act with Ethics


Impact billions of lives through data.


To be a reference in the market by leading companies and people to the Data-Driven model.

Industry Recognition

Semantix is recognized by ISG Provider Lens - Analytics Platform. Download the report for more information:

Download ISG report